When People Speak

Video. Single channel
– 2013
33:00 and 15:00 min versions

‘When People Speak’ takes the process of developing a video narrative outside the posh confines of studios and specifically designated spaces into public spaces. Here the artist engages with random people in public spaces (roads, markets, fields etc.) and seeks their participation to develop a narrative whose course is determined by them.  It was shot over 3 days at different public locations in and around New Delhi (India).  The result is a free flowing, ever changing, multidimensional narrative that seem to bring together a mixture of hopes, beliefs, aspirations and frustrations of the people while moving through reality, fiction and fantasy.

– Sarai Reader 09: The Exhibition – Devi Art Foundation, India. 
Aug 18, 2012 – Apr 16, 2013 (Curated by Raqs Media Collective)

– 6th International Documentary and Short Film Festival – Kerala. 2013

Review: http://thebigindianpicture.com/2013/01/all-together-now/