Parvez’s performative gestures:The subversion of the capitalist art economy – Deeksha Nath Published in Critical Collective July 2021

Landnahme: von Michel Rebosura (Published in: _957_Independent Art Magazine #123_COMMODI-FICTION_PARVEZ)

Parvez – 9-5 Clock: by Inna Humeniuk (Research Assistant, Videocity)

11.Performance Reihe Neu-Oerlikon: – Sandra De Los Santos – Aug 29, 2020

Must or Not: Apres Perf – Birgit Kemper. Aug. 15, 2020

Interview with Parvez Imam: Performance Open-Air St. Gallen, Nov. 2018

Verschiedene  Arten Vögel: Saiten (Ostschweizer Kulturmagazin) – Julia Kubik. Aug. 25, 2018

DOCK Archive and Art space:  

Sie zwitschern, gackern und krächzen im Stadtpark (They chirp, cluck and croak in the city park)
:Tagblatt – Christina Genova. 20.8.2018 

Action on the Aisle: The Hindu – Dec. 03, 2013

Rethinking the Peripheral: Motherland Magzine – May, 2013

All Together Now: The Big Indian Picture – Jan, 2013

Songs for everyone: The Hindu – Aug.11, 2012 

Across boundariesThe Hindu – Aug. 14, 2012

Fluid Narratives
: Live Mint – Aug. 25, 2011

Documenting dilemmas: HT City – Jan. 28, 2004

Disability music video, Kinara, selected for international film festival: DNIS (Disability News & Information Service) – Nov 1, 2003

Slum to border, caught Between the Lines: Indian Express – Jan. 18, 2001

The world of Parvez Imam from India: Kalpana – 2001   

A slice from a disabled’s life: Statesman – Apr. 6, 2000

People’s world through the prism of film: The Hindu – Nov. 20, 2002

Documentary film fest from 28 in city: Deccan Herald – Nov. 27, 2001

PERFORMANCE ART: The absurd and the meaningless
Published in ‘ASSEMBLING LANDSCAPES – from speculative to real’ (a compilation of thoughts, poems and images by artist from India and South Korea) edited by Jeong Heon Ki, B Ajay Sharma and Anish Cherian – August 2022

Srinagar Biennale Basel – 2018 (Downloadable Digital Catalogue)

The journey: Blog

Sacred Bull: Financial Chronicle Newspaper – 2009 to 2014.
Wrote more than 250 articles for this weekly column.

Trekking green: Terrascape – May 2014

Art of healing, medicine and humanity: a conceptual discourse:
International Journal of User-Driven Healthcare, 3(4), 56-60 – Oct-Dec 2013

Can IT turn the state of health care around: Voices – Oct. 2, 2001

Looking Inside Out: MADHYAM