Sounds Of Joy

Video Installation (site- specific) – 2015
Video loop (02:00 min), Projector, Speakers, Table and Chairs.

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Past meets present to relook at ‘joy’.

The installation involved projecting a video loop on the walls of Kaserne in Basel that was shot a year ago in the same ground where the projector is installed..  

The projection began before twilight, under an open sky. The natural light subdues the images completely, leaving the viewer to interpret the sounds on their own. The soundscape comes across as a contradiction to the commonplace understanding of joy. As night descends, images begin to appear and reveal the real context. The project ran from 7pm till past midnight during Blackout Basel, 2015.

The work is a critque on our understanding of ‘joy’ and also explores the identity of a ‘paid-for’ enjoyment.

– Blackout Basel – Ausstellungsraum Klingental, Kaserne, Basel. Sept 5-20, 2015