Songs Of The People

Live performance of folk and other people’s songs. 2005 – 2014

Over the years and through his journeys, the artist has complied a multilingual, multicultural repertoire of songs mostly from across India (a land of many languages and cultures).  ‘Songs of People’ is thus a collection of rare songs that come from folk or people’s movements.

The performance usually involves participation of the audience in creating the soundscape.  People are encouraged to sing and / or play percussion instruments that the artist passes around.  At times he invites local musicians to play along.  A multimedia projection helps cross the language barrier.  The concert tries to bring alive the spirit of folk music as a participatory practice.

Parvez trained in Indian classical vocal music during his college years.  He is also a self-taught player of Rhythm guitar, Blues harp and percussion instruments.  He has been playing music and performing for more than 20 years.
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Performed at:

– Café May Day – Delhi. May 01, 2014
– GATI Art – Delhi.  2013
– Café May Day – Delhi. May 01, 2013
– Lamakaan – Hyderabad. Aug 2012
– India Habitat Centre – World Peace Day, Delhi. Sep 21, 2011
– Alliance Francaise – Eco-Fest, Delhi. June, 2011
– India Habitat Centre – Amphitheatre, Delhi – 2009
– Natrani Auditorium – Ahmedabad, 2008
– Musica de Resistencia – Cuenca (Ecuador) 2005

 Songs for everyone: The Hindu – Aug 11, 2012