Performance On The Line

Performance – 2023
30min (Online)
with Marit Tunesveit Dyre (Norway)

The performance explores the online space and what it offers as the two artists interact with each other, at times challenging and at others synergizing with each other. In the process they wade through a variety of thoughts. What is Online space and its purpose? What does the frame do to a performer / artist? Can one performs freely in such a space or gets tied down by its limitations? Is internet really a ‘democratic and free space’, as is often believed and touted? Was the pandemic a dream-come-true time for the Corporates who were struggling to push people on to various online platforms and capture it as a market? What percentage of the world population has fallen off the grid because of the unaffordability of the gadgets and resources required to stay afloat ONLINE?

And, what happens to physicality and human touch in this realm?

Performed at:

Together Elsewhere (PANCH, PAB & Mediathek FHNW) – Online, Jan 25, 2023