Eat Without Fear

Performance – 2015
Duration: 30:00 min

Eat without fear is a mixed media performance about othering, identity labels and intolerance in the contemporary world. The performance uses five distinct elements: cooking and serving food, a slow evolving video on a loop, a manually controlled photographic projection, songs and two perspectives of a singular narrative.

The artist invokes a personal connect by cooking and serving food to everyone. He starts to cook before the guests arrive. The recipe is a secret and the cooked material (a slightly spicy mash) is simply termed ‘food’. After offering the ‘food’, he narrates a story where a man is punished for supposedly having eaten something that some others did not approve. The same story is then seized and re-narrated by another character (also played by the artist) from an opposing viewpoint. Bertolt Brecht‘s poetry, “In den finsteren Zeiten wird da auch gesungen werden? Da wird auch gesungen werden von den finsteren Zeiten.” sets the tone for the performance during the initial act of cooking.

Performed at:
 Salon MondialBasel. Dec 13, 2015
(On location technical support, Brendhan Dickerson)