Video. Single channel – 2016
02:04 min

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The video playfully juxtaposes opposing words, commonly used to construct identities. Each word denotes a socially acknowledged marker. The narrative moves along a presumed timeline of life, as if locating an individual as ‘productive’ or ‘non-productive’ – cog in the wheel or a thorn – in an assumed cycle of productivity, leading up to the ‘us’ and ‘them’ paradigm. The sound track uses mundane and commonplace sounds, to support the narrative.

– The Nightlight Screenings 2017 – Christoph Merian Foundation, Basel. Aug 25, 2017
– Short Visibles, Stiftung Bartels Fondation, Basel. Sept 29, 2016
– LISTE 21 Art Fair, Basel. June 14-19, 2016