Disrupt The Performance #4

Performance – 2020

30 min approx.

In the business world, ‘disruption’ implies an idea that makes for a good ‘performance’ and yields profit. However, in common social parlance, ‘Disruption’ has a negative connotation. Any idea that goes against the grain of the society and its status quo is considered a disruption.

Galileo’s idea that the earth revolved around the sun was considered a disruption, as was Socrates’ questioning. Both were amply punished. Yet, every age, every land, every society has had such disruptive elements. Nevertheless, only a few ideas manage to pass through – often much after the death of their initiators.

During this performance the artist engages the audience both directly and indirectly by triggering possibilities for encounters.

Performed at:
Commodi-Fiction – Museum 1, Luzern. July 3, 2021