Ask Me Anything

Performance – 2019
5 hr 30 min

The Lion monument of Lucerne (Löwendenkmal), was built in the memory of the Swiss soldiers who lost their lives defending the French King when the French revolutionaries attacked the palace at Tuileries on 10th August, 1821.  This context also brings forth some questions. For example, what would have happened to the French Revolution, if the Swiss guards had won over the French revolutionary that day? And, how would that have affected the ensuing rise of democratic and more egalitarian societies in Europe?

Ask Me Anything, unfolded at the Lion Monument of Lucerne in the form of a long duration performance. The artist engages with critical questioning as a way to dive deeper in search of the right questions. The performance is also the artist’s response to our times where the information flow and its control lie in the hands of a few and the brazenness of the post-truth politics stares us in the face. During the performance a visitor can ask the artist anything he / she wants to. The artist promises to provide each person with a key to their question.

Performed at:
– L21 Performance Series – Lion Monument, Kunsthalle Lucerne. June 4, 2019