A Game of Alphabets

Installation / Live Art – 2021
Wood, nails, golden spray, glitter and glue.
3.5 x 9 meters approximately

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(1.50 sec.)

The third intervention in COMMODI-FICTION, in which visitors were invited to construct and then install letters on a scaffolding (The Edifice) which itself was constructed through public participation in the previous intervention. The guests picked out a paper slip from a box and construct the letter written there, from the available wood. Each letter also has a number that designates its position on the scaffolding.

At the end a sentence in German emerged: DIE ERDE IST EINE WARE (The Earth Is A Commodity.)

The sentence is rooted in the concept of ‘fictitious commodities’ that the economic historian and thinker, Karl Polanyi conceived in his book, The Great Transformation, which was also the central premise of the exhibition COMMODI-FICTION. 

Performed and installed at: 
Commodi-Fiction – Museum 1, Luzern. July 3, 2021