Colored Identity in Mask / Masked Identity in Color

Performance – 2020
11 min 15 sec

A virus, that in itself does not discriminate, could not break the borders of inequality.
The depths of systemic racial discrimination ensured, without anyone having to move a finger, that the suffering spreads more in the populations that have always been traditionally discriminated against.

The RGB (Red, Green, Blue) color spectrum which gives color to the virtual world on our digital devices, is used here as a reference to all the people in the world, who have been confined into a primary identity that spells ‘color’.

A mask is usually associated with anonymity. Yet, it remains unable to hide the existing prejudices and equalize the people in an assumed anonymity. Here it represents the ironic futility of attempting equality (through anonymity), in a world where skin color continues to define identities.

This Performance Video is a testimony to the false fears that continue fuel identity politics.

– Shortlisted (among 39 works) out of the 684 submitted to the Corona Call